Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, Apostle. Father Dave discusses the chair of St. Peter, which represents the authority that Jesus gave to Peter to represent Him, and the authority of the office of the pope. This feast day is also an opportunity for us to reflect on the sources of authority in our lives, and consider who represents God. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle, New York City on 2-22-18

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Monday of the First Week of Lent. Lent goes beyond self-help. Father Dave explains that while self-denial is an important component of Lent, we have a tendency to focus on just that piece and not see the bigger picture: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. So, we shouldn't just focus on ourselves this Lent, but focus on others as well. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 2-19-18

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Thursday after Ash Wednesday. Father Dave discusses Lenten promises and how we have the freedom to choose whether or not to keep them. He discusses today's reading in which God gives Moses the choice to adore other gods. He poses the question, "How often do we choose to adore God?" Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 2-15-18

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Monday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses the confidence and optimism of Olympians competing in the winter games. He relates this to our relationship with Christ. We should have confidence in God. He also discusses today's reading from James in which we are called to persevere. Father Dave points out that persistence is important, especially during this Lenten season. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 2-12-18

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Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses the readings about lepers. Society shamed and avoided them, but Jesus sets an example by approaching a leper and healing him in today's Gospel. Father Dave explains that leprosy in Scripture is also a metaphor for our own sinfulness. We should seek healing, and be compassionate like Jesus. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 2-11-18

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Thursday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave talks about Solomon's idol worship, and also discusses today's psalm, which refers to idols as snares or traps. Father Dave relates idols to a pothole tripping us up. He asks, what are the potholes or traps in our lives? How can we avoid them? Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City 2-08-18

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Thursday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave reflects on biblical numbers. He discusses how King David reigned for 40 years, and in the Gospel, Mark mentions the number twelve. He points out that in today's Gospel, Jesus sent the Apostles out two by two, and argues that Jesus did this so that they would hold each other accountable. It is important for us to have a community that supports us and holds us accountable in our own lives. Preached at St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 2-01-18

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